“Cannabis Connoisseurs” The Need for Partnering with Influencers

marketing Mar 09, 2020

In a recent article, titled Ready, Set, SEO!, “influencer marketing” was included as an option to consider when building your brand’s awareness at a low cost compared to other paid media strategies. Let’s discuss this rather new marketing strategy and the benefits that it can provide to your cannabis/CBD business.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, have grown into massive businesses with billions of users. Enterprising users who have built up large, loyal audiences on these platforms have begun to leverage their relationships with their followers and offer paid product endorsements for companies that they believe in. Not only do these influencers help to build a following for brands, but they also serve a valuable role as educators to users and non-users alike. If the product is correctly aligned with the influencer, and there is authentic engagement, influencer marketing can prove to be very effective!  

Marketing cannabis/CBD on these social media platforms continues to be a challenging environment for digital marketers. Launching ad campaigns for cannabis/CBD products using your business account on a platform such as Facebook can be risky. 

However, partnering with influencers that can offer unique content, in an entertaining, informative format, with a product endorsement on their pages, enables companies to reach audiences otherwise out of reach. Instagram is the most popular social media platform for brands and influencers. The influencers use their pages, which also mitigates the risk that the platforms will suspend your business account or ban your business on their platforms.

So who are these “cannabis connoisseurs” that can champion your products to their followers?

Here is a quick list of top influencers in the cannabis/CBD space as well as some top Youtube video favorites, with the number of followers on their top platform, that you can reach out to, and hopefully collaborate with, as you build your brand. Good luck!

Snoop Dog - 18.3 M followers on Twitter

Ed Rosenthal - 45.2K followers on Twitter

Women Grow - 37.6K followers on Twitter

The Weed Tube - 15.6K followers on Twitter

Dabbing Granny - 1.3M followers on Instagram

Koala Puffs - 698K followers on Instagram

Pot Brothers at Law - 457k followers on Instagram

Steve DeAngelo - 28.5K followers on Instagram

Dr. Michele Ross, PhD, MBA - 13.4 K followers on Instagram

CustomGrow420 - 1.72M subscribers on Youtube

RuffHouse Studios - 574K followers on Youtube

WeedMaps TV - 206K subscribers on Youtube

TheCCC420 (The Cannabis Connoisseur Connection) - 165K subscribers on Youtube

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