Educate, Engage, and Sell on Social Media

marketing Mar 16, 2020

It’s well known and well documented that social media companies, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, provide marketers with very attractive platforms to reach new customers while building loyalty with existing customers. While Facebook has the most users, Instagram has become a favorite of cannabis marketers thanks to its beautiful use of visuals and it’s younger demographic. 

The challenge for cannabis/CBD companies that seek to place ads of these platforms has been finding the right mix of ad copy and creative images that keep them in compliance with existing terms of service that generally prohibit the promotion of these products to their users. While companies like Facebook have become a bit more lenient recently towards ads for cannabis/CBD, overall, the company’s policies do not generally welcome these types of campaigns. Instagram, owned by Facebook, follows their parent company’s policies.

Confusion is created when a site like Facebook will ban some companies that are selling cannabis/CBD, often without warning, while other companies have similar ads that remain running without scrutiny. The key is to remain patient and find the right mix through trial and error. To speed up this process, consider working with an experienced cannabis marketing agency to help you to avoid any potential pitfalls.

A combination of consistent posting on your account and a targeted ad campaign can enable you to build your brand and scale quickly. A key component to building your brand on social media is to educate your audience with engaging content and mix in your product messaging, which will establish your company as an authority in the space and drive sales over time. This “long tail, short tail” approach can be very effective at building your brand awareness while also building a marketable list of prospects, a good percentage of which will purchase in the short term. 


Educating your prospects in your posts and within your ads and landing page content serves two purposes. First, you’ll have a better chance of approval on sites like Facebook if you structure your ads as educationally-driven rather than sales-driven. Second, educational content that is transparent helps you to differentiate your products in a very competitive environment.


Engaged prospects convert very well when introduced to your products via social media ad campaigns. A good engagement rate for your social posts is 3.5% - 6%. The “long tail, short tail” approach builds customer loyalty and enables you to consistently touch your opt-in prospects through email drip campaigns and creative promotions where a percentage of these prospects will convert into new customers. So focus on writing engaging content that will resonate with your target market, and your efforts will be rewarded.


While the bottom line of all of these marketing efforts on social media is to sell your products and earn revenue, be careful not to squander your opportunities on these critical platforms. When using promotional content, avoid using any cannabis-related terms in your branding, ads, landing pages, or website and also avoid images or videos of people using your products. Focus on the benefits that your products offer to your customers but stay away from stating any serious medical claims. A majority of non-users have an interest in trying cannabis but need to be educated to the benefits, and social media is one of the top ways that they discover cannabis brands. If you educate and engage these prospects properly, the chances are good that they’ll try your products first. The sale is the next logical step in their new relationship with your company and brand.

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