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marketing Mar 18, 2020

In previous articles, we’ve been discussing ideas for promoting your cannabis/CBD related businesses. First, we offered ideas for generating business via unpaid traffic using strategies such as optimizing your website for search engines (SEO), partnering with industry influencers on social media, and experiential marketing. We’ve also discussed options for paid marketing such as Google Adwords campaigns and ads and content posts on social media.

Another paid marketing strategy to consider is participating in an affiliate network in the cannabis/CBD space. The beauty of this strategy is that you can either promote other business’ products with a link and earn commissions upon closed sales, or you can build your affiliate network of third-party promoters who are incentivized to sell your products in a performance-based arrangement using dedicated links to your site. While the first scenario might be a good source of passive income for you, the second scenario is the paid marketing piece since you will be sharing a percentage of your sales revenue with the affiliate that drove that customer to you to make the purchase. Important: you only pay if a sale is made.

While driving organic (or free) traffic to your business is optimal, most companies can’t rely on these strategies alone to assure their growth in a very competitive industry that grows more competitive every day. The rules are “pay to play,” which favors the companies that are well backed with robust marketing budgets to spend. Affiliate networks, along with Google Adwords and social media advertising, provide ways for small or young companies with limited budgets to compete.

For cannabis/CBD companies that are searching for solid strategies to build brand awareness and drive sales, affiliates can be an important piece of your overall strategy. A significant benefit, among many, is that since the affiliate’s marketing efforts are promoting your brand, you have less risk of having your own marketing scrutinized by ad platforms that may deem your offers outside of acceptable terms of service. Another benefit to your business is that your brand gains from promotion on a number of affiliate sites that likely have audiences that you can reach without high upfront marketing costs; you only pay a commission to reward an affiliate when a sale is generated for you via an affiliate’s actions.  

There are lots of CBD affiliate programs to consider, but here are some top-rated affiliate programs, sourced from Reach out and get educated about common terms, such as commission rate and cookies, for affiliates in the cannabis/CBD industry.

Top CBD Affiliate Programs

Just CBD, Namaste Vapes, CBD Medic, Air Vape, Lifted CBD, Savage CBD, Green roads CBD, Green Wellness Life CBD, CBD FX, and King Kanine CBD

Top Cannabis Affiliate Programs 

Air Vape USA, Gorilla Grow Tents, Herbalize Store, Lotus Nutrients, Bloomgrove, The Bud Grower, Aero Garden, DaVinci Vaporizers, Seedsman, Grow Rec Room

Here are some top-rated affiliate networks to consider when searching for affiliates to market your brand. 

Top Cannabis/CBD Affiliate Networks

CANNAFFI™, ShareASale Advertising Network, Clickbank Affiliate Network, CJ Affiliate Network

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