CSU-Pueblo Begins to Offer a New, Exciting Cannabis Science Degree

education Feb 14, 2020

Attention future cannabis experts! There’s now a college degree program designed for you!

Colorado State University-Pueblo campus recently announced that beginning in the fall; they will offer a brand new undergraduate degree program in Cannabis Science. Graduates of the new program will receive a Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry.

The Colorado Department approved the new program of Higher Education as federal healthcare officials seek research into the effects that cannabis has on humans.

In addition to this new degree, CSU-Fort Collins plans to commence a Cannabinoid Research Lab within its College of Natural Sciences. The lab plans to collaborate with the Institute of Cannabis Research at CSU-Pueblo.

CSU-Pueblo based its new program on the successful Medicinal Plant Chemistry degree, which is offered at Northern Michigan University. When it was introduced back in 2017, this degree was the first of its kind.

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