Registration for OUR FLAGSHIP COURSE Is Now Closed Until Fall 2020

"Social Media Advertising For The Unconventional Business Niche"

Read our course backstory! It's pretty awesome!!!

We knew there was a need for entrepreneurs and business owners in the green space to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. But nobody was offering a strategic and tactical method to get it done. Quite frankly, none of the Facebook gurus were offering it because they just didn't have experience in our green industry. We knew it was possible because we had been doing it for ourselves and our clients for almost 5 years.

That's where it all began...

We successfully launched our flagship course in November of 2019 to a group of first-mover green entrepreneurs. We are thrilled to report that the course was met with rave reviews! To be perfectly honest, we launched small to make sure all of the course members were able to digest the course content and then, most importantly, implement it in a way that significantly improved the return on their investment.

The course focuses on the utilization of Facebook and Instagram for paid advertising - all within industries that would typically not be permitted to advertise on those platforms.

Within the curriculum we teach our students how to not only get their Ads approved on the first attempt but also keep their Ad Account from being suspended or worse, permanently banned.

The results were impressive! Clients that had never been able to advertise their unconventional products and services on Facebook and Instagram were immediately able to do so without violating any of the Terms Of Service of either platform.

There has never been a better time to grow your business!

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